Continued Success

by | Jul 19, 2016

Royal Agricultural Society Conference

At AF we are always encouraging and supporting young people in agriculture, be it through placement schemes, sponsoring awards that celebrate excellence or through EDGE – our employment arm that provides a platform for young people to find jobs in agriculture. We pride ourselves on our commitment to investing in the next generation to ensure the long term future of our industry.

Therefore, it always brings huge satisfaction to see success derived from our support networks. As such we’re delighted to announce that one of our previous placement students, Jenny Martin, has secured a scholarship to attend the 27th conference of the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth in Singapore along with Emily Rout, AF Supply Chain and FarmBuyer manager.

Emily, who has been at AF for 6 years, seeing her career grow from being a placement student to starting AF’s Next Generation group to managing and growing FarmBuyer, said, “After going through the application process I was incredibly excited to learn I’d been awarded the bursary from the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA) and I look forward to learning more once the details are confirmed. I am grateful to the RNAA Next Gen Bursary to attend the Singapore conference and the opportunity to represent the RNAS at this prestigious event.”

Jenny, a Harper Adams University student who completed a placement year with Anglia Farmers in 2014-15 said, “I am delighted to have secured this scholarship because I am extremely passionate about the continuation of agricultural shows. I believe they are the best opportunities for farmers to promote their businesses, educate the population about the industry and bring together the rural community. During my year placement at AF I was fortunate to be a member of their Next Generation group. We discussed current challenges within the agriculture industry and I am keen to take this forward at the Commonwealth Next Generation Forum.”

Harper Adams Extra Mile Award Winners

As well giving people, like Jenny, the chance to experience a wide range of roles in agri-business through our placement schemes, AF also likes to enthuse and inspire the next generation. Recently we sponsored the Anglia Farmers Extra Mile Award, recognising Harper Adams University students who have committed themselves to getting the most out of their time at the university as well as improving university life for other students. Hard-work and community are virtues by which AF defines itself, so it was keen to reward students Becky Erskine and Davide Tortora who have demonstrated a steadfast and intuitive approach.