A first timers experience of the Next Generation group

by | Apr 1, 2015

Sky Horton, of Needham Chalks, experienced a Next Generation meeting for the first time on 24 March

What brought me along to one of the meetings?

As Needham Chalks (HAM) Ltd business development manager, it’s always at the front of my mind to find ways in which the company can expand on improving business. I heard about Next Generation whilst at the Norfolk Farming Conference this year, where I was approached by some of the AF team who suggested I go along to some of the meetings. It sparked an interest in me as I had been looking to further my experience of the agri sector by immersing myself into agri trade related topics. I wanted to surround myself with young entrepreneurs (25+ yrs) committed to leading the way in the industry, and it sounded like Next Generation was the obvious next step to take me there.

My first Next Generation experience

It soon became apparent after meeting other attendees at the meeting that “Next Gen” would be where I could follow and learn from other liked minded individuals who are inspired by pushing their business forward, learning the latest innovations and keeping up to date with what’s trending in agriculture.

There was such a diverse range of people there, from farmers to rural enterprise businessman and trade consultants to contractors. Everyone was friendly and chatty with ample amounts of coffee and cake!

We had two presentations on ‘How to Market your business?’ with Will Farrow from Farrows marketing agency and Harry Mitchell from AF PRomote. I found the session to be very informative and useful as we participated in some group work where we looked at how we could go about improving our current marketing strategies. After the presentations came some question and answer time which lead to an open discussion.

Would I go again?

It was worthwhile and at just two and a half hours long, it was easy to find the time. With the business cards from the two presentation speakers firmly in my pocket I felt I had gained enough insight to move forward with my marketing strategies in hand.